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Rental Policy

Rental Price: Full fee for 1st Performance, 1/2 fee for 2nd Performance, 1/4 fee for 3rd Performance and all subsequent performances within a 2-week period. 10% discount off for 3 or more charts & an additional 5% off for 3 or more performances. All music will be shipped to arrive at least 4-6 weeks before your first performance. Orders placed within 3 weeks of your concert will be billed a rush fee of $100 per item, and a 50% charge per order cancellation fee applies to all submitted orders. Permanent loans are $35 processing fee for each item and are subjected to approval by the registered publisher for each arrangement. Please note that 1 score and a complete set of parts are included with each rental. Additional scores are $25 to $35 each if needed. All discounts must be requested when submitting your order form in the “additional Info” section, and they DO NOT apply to holiday or international orders.

Return Policy: Please return all rental materials to us within 2-3 weeks of your last performance, or you must contact us in writing to extend your rental/s if needed. All Late returns will have a minimum fee of 50% billed to your account or added on to your next order. Maximum late return fees can vary based on title and popularity of chart. Missing or not returned sets can be billed up to 5 times the rental fee. Missing or not returned scores can be billed up to 3 times the rental fee. We do not stipulate how much insurance to add to any return since that burden falls on the shipper, but we highly recommend an adequate amount to cover the fees above.

Cancellation Policy: Restocking fees varies and applies to all cancellations as follows. A 50% fee 14 days prior to concert date. A 60% fee 7 days prior to concert date. A 75% fee on or after concert date. We must be notified in writing on your symphony’s letterhead within 14 days of your concert to pay the minimum 50% restocking fee. Rain-outs & weather cancellations must be notified on the day of the cancelling concert either by phone or email and will be charged the minimum restocking fee of 50%. All orders must be cancelled in writing via email or you will be responsible for the full rental fee. There will be no exceptions to this policy. Cancellation policy only applies to weather related issues or tragic events.

Payment Policy: Please pay all invoices by check payable to Orchestra Rentals ASAP or at least within 30 days of receiving your invoice/order. A late fee of 10% will be charged if payments are not received within our required 30 days policy. Credit Cards are accepted at an additional $25 minimum processing fee. Prepayment by Credit Card or Paypal required on all rush orders and also for customers who have not ordered within 6 Months.

International Orders: We do rent all of our charts to overseas countries, & all of the policies above will apply to all international orders. Except that payments are required in advance via paypal or credit card (Visa/MC) with paypal being the most recommended & least costly. Wire Transfer is accepted but not recommended because many banks have hidden fees that are not always clearly disclosed.

Rental Agreement: To expedite your order, please print, read, & complete the following rental agreement, and email it back to us ASAP. Your order will not ship unless we receive the signed rental agreement. Please disregard this step if we already have a previous signed agreement on file or contact us if you are unsure.

Please click here for Rental Agreement PDF